Best Places to Walk Your Dog in Toronto

Dog walker Toronto

Walking your dog is a great way to bond with your pet, and this time should be enjoyable for both you and your four-legged friend. Choosing the right trails is a great way to make walks more exciting, and there are several places in Toronto where you and your dog can enjoy the fresh air and get the necessary exercise so consider the following:

1. High Park. There is an off-leash area in this park that consists of both natural and paved trails. Several acres of open area and designated trails are available, and you will have an easy time getting around as every area is clearly marked with signs and fencing. What’s great about this off-leash dog area is the mixture of fenced-in runs and open spaces so that your dog can run around in spaces that are not confined. Mature trees and picnic tables are also available, as is ample parking.

2. Brick Works Park. Known as the Don Valley Brick Works Park, this area is a City of Toronto flagship natural environment park containing a small off-leash dog area close to the park’s entrance and extensive trails that loop through the site. If you want to go on an extended walk, additional trails connect the Summerhill area, Mount Pleasant Cemetery, and Rosedale. You will always find beautiful views of the city when walking your dog.

3. Sherwood Park. You can walk through this park with peace of mind because it is fenced off, and the boardwalk section is an off-leash dog area. You will be able to walk for a few kilometres through a forested area and not be confined to a typical square dog park with limited walking opportunities.

4. Cedarvale Park. There is a specific off-leash area that is safe for dogs, and there are also several kilometres of crushed gravel trail via a ravine, so you will have a lengthy trail system you can take advantage of. This park is located north of Vaughan Road and west of Bathurst Street and is a great place for pet owners and dogs.

5. Beltline Trail. This flat path connects several neighbourhoods, including Forest Hill, Rosedale and Fairbank. Even though there are several major road crossings along the route, they are all marked and pedestrian-friendly, so you and your dog will be safe. This is, however, an on-leash area as it’s a multi-use trail.

Walking your dog for extended periods every day is not always easy, and you can rely on K9+ for this task. If you are looking for the best dog walker or daycare in the Toronto area, we are ready to help, and our doggy daycare will provide your dog with exercise, socialization and playtime. If you are interested in local pet care, contact us today for more information!

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