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Dog Walker Toronto

More than a walk, it’s a lifestyle

We offer a variety of dog walking services customized to suit your needs ranging from our trademark Adventure Hikes to off-leash park romps, structured group walks and private dog walks. All our dog walking services are designed to keep your dogs stimulated, engaged, and active while learning new skills and managing behaviors to ensure overall safety and well-being.

We have specialized in group dog walking since 2004. Our staff are highly trained to maintain our standard of care, which includes our utmost dedication to client service. At K9+, our outings are more than just a walk; they’re a fully-rounded experience where we keep dogs engaged, attentive, and focused on us using a variety of methods. We constantly monitor group dynamics and manage behaviours as needed to maintain calm, organized, and fun outings filled with stimulating activities and basic training exercises to encourage consistent attention to regular commands.

We require a minimum 3-day/week commitment for group dog walking services.

Dog Walker Toronto
Dog Walker Toronto

Adventure Hikes

Our Trademark service! 1-2.5 hour long adventure hikes through spectacular ravine & trail systems. Dogs are active, engaged, social & responsive as we work on their behaviour and individual skills!
Adventure Hikes from $26 + HST
Dog Walker Toronto
Dog Walker Toronto

Group Dog Walks

Off or on-leash one-hour ravine hikes through Toronto’s amazing park systems. We keep your dogs stimulated and engaged while giving them plenty of exercise so they return home tired and happy!

Group Dog Walks - $26 + HST
Double Dog Walks - $47.75 + HST

Private Dog Walks

We customize this service to suit your dogs’ needs. Private outings are usually 20-min leashed walks around the neighbourhood, though we have longer walk options available. Please enquire for more information.

Private dog walks are a good option for dogs who are reactive, are not well-socialized, suffer from medical conditions, or are at a stage in their lives where they do not enjoy the higher energy of group walks. Sometimes private walks are an interim solution to help dogs build skills so they can eventually join group walks; other times, private walks offer a permanent 1-1 solution. Private walks offer a great opportunity for dogs to bond with their walkers and develop a consistent routine to help with their specific needs. At K9+, we consider private walks to be a boutique service where we look to establish a reliable routine that benefits both dog and client. We always start with a proper assessment to determine long-term needs, goals, and desired outcomes. To accommodate schedule requests, we have dedicated private dog walkers to provide premium service.

Private Walks | 20 Minutes - $40.00 + HST
Private Walks | 30 Minutes - $50.00 + HST
Private Walks | 40 Minutes - $60.00 + HST
Private Walks | 60 Minutes - $80.00 + HST

*Discounted monthly rates available.

Dog Walker Toronto

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